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Meet the team at Luck of Louth  

We like to think our staff's product knowledge is second to none, having been trained by many of our suppliers, in-house or (in the case of our qualified shoe fitters) by means of industry recognized external study courses. Living in the predominantly rural county of Lincolnshire our staff are well used to and indeed wear many of the countrywear products we stock, and are well-versed on tailoring, luggage, leathergoods, footwear and handbags. Of course nobody can be expected to know everything about retailing but after more than 40 years in the business 'The Boss'  (see below) probably knows more than most!

Jim LuckJim Luck - Founder & Director

After serving his apprenticeship in one of Louth's prestigious tailoring businesses, Jim opened his first shop in Louth in 1985 selling leathergoods and luggage.  Since then he has grown the business to incorporate three shop units selling the best in countrywear, menswear, ladieswear, footwear, leathergoods, luggage and handbags.  

He likes reading, squash (to County Standard!), cycling, running, history and learning new skills.  He has attended master-classes in retail at the Said Business School, an Oxford University college. A fully qualified and accredited shoe fitter with The Society Of Shoefitters, he won the 2012 Student Of The Year award as the year's outstanding candidate; he's also a tailoring expert with over 40 years experience.

Kate - Manager

Kate came to us straight from Next and has brought some new ideas and extra organizational skills to our business. Fast-tracked to buyer, she enjoys shopping, taster menu eating, walking, shopping, organising charity events, shopping, dressing up for the races and socialising with her family and friends. With 10 years experience in retailing and a foundation degree in business and event management plus a love of quality brands (well, actually, quality everything) she brings a new and younger perspective to our business. 

Paula - Sales Advisor 

Paula is one of our shoe department experts. Her organisational and interpersonal skills have proved a real hit with us and our customers. A country lover & keep fit enthusiast, Paula keeps us all on our toes, fulfilling all her job roles with efficiency and a smile, and at speed!

Julie - Sales Advisor

Wife of Jim, Julie runs her own dance school, teaching most genres of dance to  both children and adults.  When not skipping  the "light fantastic", Julie helps Jim in the shop as well as working with him on the next season’s buying and looking out for new brands to stock (and wear!).Julie likes dancing (obviously), shopping and her cats FlorenceDillon.  To keep fit she likes cycling with Jim when he's out running.

Di - Sales Advisor 

Di brings a wealth of experience from previous jobs in retailing to our business. Another local girl you'll mostly find her in the shoe department. An accredited Luck of Louth shoe fitting expert she likes walking, cooking and is a whizz at interior design.

Anne - Sales Advisor

Anne's previous sales experience in fashion is an invaluable asset on our sales floor. She enjoys walking to keep fit and also shopping trips, as well as mini-breaks. Another staff member with a happy and enthusiastic personality.

Laura - Sales Advisor

An aspiring female David Bailey, Laura especially enjoys the landscape genre. Another dog-loving member of our team, she also likes to spend time with family and friends as well as honing her shopping skills whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Claire - Sales Advisor

Claire likes to keep fit and enjoys walking her dog. Always has a lovely smile on her face, and is undergoing training in the biscuit department!

Janine - Sales Advisor

With a liking for pilates, walking and cycling, Janine joins many of our other team members in keeping fit. Previously she worked as a dispenser and in the family restaurant business. Sure to be dispensing great customer service; we'll await developments on the food front!

Amanda - Sales Advisor

Sales advisor in our main shop, Amanda displays seemingly boundless enthusiasm with our customers and staff. Yet another of our team with a sunny dispostition and joie de vivre! Also enjoys biscuits & chocolate - very nearly a prerequisite for employment with Luck of Louth

Anna - Sales Advisor

Our youngest sales advisor, Anna has a great sense of humour; she is also an expert beautician when she's not working on the Luck of Louth shopfloor.

Lea - Sales Advisor

Our newest aquisition, and of course she has fitted seamlessly into our sales team. With a previous track record of Schoffel purchases as well as a love of all things country, Lea is an ideal fit with the Luck of Louth ethos.

Radley the dog

Outgoing, friendly and always seeking new experiences. Longest serving member of staff apart from the boss! You can follow his adventures on our Facebook page. Woof, woof.