The Bridge

The Bridge

Founded in Italy over 40 years ago, The Bridge has been supplying Luck of Louth for more than a quarter of a century with some of the finest quality artisan leathergoods available worldwide. Still adhering to the environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process in the production of their leathers, The Bridge was in the vanguard of the ecological movement long before it became a prerequisite for ethical businesses. Renowned for the style and sophistication of their products The Bridge are uncompromising in their quest to provide quality and value. The vegetable tanning process ensures that the beauty of the leather improves with age and use, developing that enviable patina which only the finest production processes allow. From the iconic Doctor's Bag to purses, wallets, belts and all manner of accessories The Bridge has an unrivalled choice of premium quality products in their portfolio, many of which are available from Luck of Louth. Originally a small family firm The Bridge is now acknowledged as one of the leaders in maintaining the artisan craftsmanship necessary to provide the discerning customer with unparalleled satisfaction of ownership. The Bridge and Luck of Louth - uncompromising in their quest to provide quality, value and customer satisfaction.

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